Product Features Kiddie Savers Youth Savers Aflatoun
Interest Rate
2% p.a. 2% p.a. 2% p.a.
Initial Deposit
P 100.00 P 50.00 P 20.00
Minimum Deposit
P 2.00 P 2.00 P 2.00
Required ADB** to earn interest
P 1000.00 P 1000.00 P 1000.00
Anytime Anytime Every 6 mos.
Service Fee
- - P 30.00

Minimum of P 2.00 a day and can be deposited weekly
ADB – Average Daily Balance
Service Fee upon withdrawal beyond lock-in period of 6 mos.


Training of Teachers

Teachers has the vital role in the program, thay are the key people to be able the objective be understood and taught by the students. The program design, goals and objective are given to the teachers and taught them the integration of aflatoun lessons in their subject areas.

Parents Orientation

The success of the Aflatoun aside from the school also rely on the parents. This activity is give to the parents of the partner schools, it aims to raise the awareness and introduces the role of the parents in the Aflatoun Program.

Program Launching

Children and Youth in partner schools are gatherd, introduces and boost their interest in the Aflatoun Program. The focus and goals of the program are being                                       taught.