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A safe and sound and need-responsive MHRMPC.  Building an empowered and values-laden community.


Continually proving need-relevant and competitive programs, products and services addressing the economic, social and cultural needs of the members; inculcating the values of cooperativism and christian virtues among its members and community.

Core Values

Honesty on all transactions Obedience to God                     Loyalty to organization           Yearning for Excellence

Respect for others and fairness Organizational transparency     Service above profit       Accountability,                   Responsible Membership,       Yielding to authority and law.


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Our Journey Continues

Building Better Future Together

The Most Holy Rosary Multi-Purpose Cooperative was established in 1985 by a good priest from the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish of Rodriguez, Rizal. The name of our cooperative was derived from the name of the church itself.

There were only thirty one members at that time, partly composed of people who served the said parish. From these individuals, an initial amount of P 10,990 was gathered and served as the cooperative’s starting capital. They then made a decision to initiate a lending business, making us known as a credit cooperative. Eventually, it was developed into a multipurpose cooperative in 2010.

The MHRMPC was registered at the Bureau of Cooperative Development in August 15, 1985 and was confirmed in March 2, 1991 by the Cooperative Development Authority. After eighteen years, September 29, 2009, it was re-registered to follow the rules concerning the Republic Act 9520.

The cooperative’s lively acts towards community development led to its partnership with different institutions and agencies. It is recognized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) as a consumer organization in the province of Rizal because of the incorporated educational programs that protected and valued the welfare of the consumers. We are also affiliated with Red Cross, we have provided health programs for our community with their help. The Red Cross is one of the first partners of our cooperative. We have been a part of their “Blood Samaritan” project. Our cooperative supported the program by buying one hundred bags of blood which will be given to members in their times of need for free. The cooperative has two new partners; the Local Government Unit (LGU) of the municipality of Rodriguez and the Department of Education (DepEd). We are acknowledged by the local government for the services that we provide and we are also a stakeholder of DepEd for its Senior High School Program.

With the cooperative’s gradual advancement, there had been a need for additional experiences and exposures. To further strengthen our cooperative’s impact to the public, it united with the Tagalog Cooperative Development Center (TAGCODEC), Metro South Cooperative Bank (MSCB), National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO Network), CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative, Rizal Cooperative Development Council (RCDC) and the Montalban Municipal Development Council (MMCDC). Its alliance with them opened new opportunities for the growth of the cooperative.

At present the cooperative has established an additional four branch offices and one satellite store. Together with its main office, the MHRMPC continues to provide quality service to the people of its community.

Today, all of the officers of MHRMPC, specifically, the Board of Directors, Management Staff and Committee Members are actively involved in the cooperative’s movement in shaping a better tomorrow for the people in the community. The MHRMPC currently stands as the “older brother” of the smaller cooperatives in the municipality of Rodriguez and the neighboring towns that surround it; they support them technically in every way they possibly can.

The Most Holy Rosary Multi-Purpose Cooperative, on its 32nd year, continues to embrace its mission and the values that it has shown to the public; a trademark that has changed the lives of many people.

1984  -  Rev. Fr. Cesar "Chiqui" Manalo created a Feeding Program for the poor though the help of the Social Service Ministry of the Most Holy Rosary Parish.

1985  -  Dr. Pastor Cruz introduced the cooperative vision to Fr. Manalo. To continue his mission, he organized the Most Holy Rosary Multi-Purpose Cooperative. They started their operation with 31 members and a starting capital of P 10.990. The cooperative was registered with the Bureau of Cooperative on August 15, 1985.

1991  -  The cooperative's registration was confirmed by the Cooperative Development Authority on March 2, 1991.      

1999  -  The cooperative was awarded as the "Natatanging Organisasyon" in Rodriguez, Rizal.

2004  -  The cooperative left its current location at the church, and began to rent on a slightly bigger setting in San Jose.  

2006  -  The cooperative relocated to its new building near the San Jose Public Market. The trading business and the use of motorcycles for delivery and collection were also introduced in the same year.

The designated Officer-in-Charge at the time was Mr. Gorgonio DC. Cruz, Jr.   

2008  -  The main office's third floor was built.

2011  -  Ms. Joselita F. Cardona was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of MHRMPC.

2012  -  The MHRMPC Kasiglahan Branch was opened to the public.

2014  -  The MHRMPC San Mateo Branch of the cooperative was launched.

2016  -  Branch offices were established in Quezon City and Cainta, Rizal. A satellite store was also opened in San Rafael.

Commended by CDA in the Gawad Parangal as an outstanding cooperative (Large Coop Category) Awarded as One of the 20 Most Outstanding Cooperatives in the Philippines